Corporate Sustainability & Employees' Engagement Manager at OMV

Career profile: Jasmine Böhm
Jasmine Böhm, MBA Alumna: The program as a whole leaves a lasting impression on you. Of course, everybody will find different aspects particularly valuable. I, for one, have strongly been influenced by the international residencies. They allowed us to look at countries such as Russia, India, China and the USA from a special perspective. We were students, but we also gained deep insight into the ways of doing business.
Jasmine Böhm
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Jasmine Böhm

What stages in your life have had the greatest impact on you and why?

There were several. Basically, two influences have always shaped me particularly strongly: first, people who served as role models for me, either positive or negative, in terms of how things should or should not be done; and, second, challenges I had to cope with, such as my first executive position. Back then, I joined a company and became the leader of a team of nine who cooperated with many external partners.

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